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6608 Hwy 312 Billings MT  59105
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6608 Hwy 312
Billings MT  59105
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Ranch House Sausage Co Holiday Platters/Baskets
Ranch House Sausage Co has created Meat and Cheese Platters along with Gift Baskets for your Holiday needs!  

These are gifts that are sure to please everyone!!!
Crowd Pleaser: Lunch Meat (3), Cheese (3), Summer Sausage (3)
Lunch Meat Cheese Platter:  Lunch Meats (3) and Cheese (3)
Sausage Platter: Summer Sausage (3) and Cheese (3)

Small is $27.99 and the Large is $35.99
Gift Baskets:
We make Small, Medium, and Large Ultimate Snack Baskets.  Plus we also make Made in Montana Baskets.

Prices Range from $31.99 - $79.99+